Monday, February 28, 2005

full moon, saturday night

this weekend was rough. micah's in this stage of yelling and hitting me and it's taking all my restraint to treat her better than she's treating me.

saturday, we went to the gates which was cool but she was such a brat the entire time that it really overshadowed it. and sunday we went to ciao baby, our favorite restaurant but by that point she was the same, i was fed up with her and milan was fed up with me. she pooped in her diaper and then fell asleep in the car on the way home from dinner so i had to wake her and change her when we got home. (and besides it was only 6pm - she wasn't going to sleep yet or she'd be up at 4am ready to go.)

she kicked me. and hit me. and yelled at me. and flipped onto her belly with her arms and legs tucked under her so i couldn't flip her over. and screamed at me. and when i did flip her over, she hit me some more. then she yelled at me some more. so i held her chest down and managed to get the diaper off and of course, it's like the biggest poop to ever come out of a child and she's bright red with her little fury and still screaming and hitting and kicking and flinging herself.

and that's when she does it. puts her besocked (is that a word?) foot in the poop and proceeds to get it all over me, the changing table, her, the floor, etc... and so i screamed. no, i mean i screamed. as in, i screamed. the moon, which was so big and full and beautiful this past weekend, actually backed the hell up into space fearing the rath that must be behind my scream. i screamed, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!" and my eyes rolled back and my throat was immediately horse and i actually popped that vein in my forehead.

her screams turned to tears but much quieter and they subsided before i'd even finished getting the new diaper on her.

so, anyway, there was this episode once on er where they dicuss full moon, saturday night and how crazy it is. i don't know if there's any truth to it, but from what i've read in this here blog-o-sphere many a mother was um... "challenged" this weekend by her child.

Friday, February 25, 2005

today's not self-portrait day, you twit

i know, but do you see?? the hair?? it's straight!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

in a flash

i had a bad day tuesday. a bad day. there was that whole road rage incident and then nothing went my way. stupid stuff like i was clumsy and the computer system at work was acting up and i have to get my car fixed and micah is going through this "i'm not going to listen to you and i don't care what you try to do about it" phase.

so last night, i picked her up, got her a banana at T.Joe's and then we hit the mall. fun stuff, right?

she was actually pretty good. at the very end though, i *stupidly* agreed to let her walk next to the stroller. the mall was fairly empty. she ran ahead like 4-5 feet which in a dead mall, is okay by me. that's when it happened. i told her to go this way and she said no and RAN OFF!!


Into Sears. Not down the open, empty aisle way, no. Into a huge store with full racks and more people and exists!! To the parking lot. Where there are cars. For the kidnappers to drive away in.

so, i ditched the stroller full of our coats, my purse, etc... and SPRINTED into Sears.

i turned left, i turned right. i heard a giggle. i turned left again. i ran the child down like a bull after a clown.

it probably only took me about 45 seconds to find her but - - someone could've taken her.

so, i grabbed her and carried her like a football. which she hates because she can't hit/kick me and it's oh so uncomfortable for her. it's my "punishment" carry - it's how she knows she in t-rouble. ("cuz that starts with p and that rhymes with t and that stands for trouble")

the infamous skirt was taken away. she wasn't allowed to wear it to school today. and i went through this whole shpeal (after the you never run away from mommy speech) about how angry i was with her and how she hurt my feelings. this always works wonders with micah. our version of "time out" is that she has to go play by herself and not play with/touch/speak to mommy. it kills her.

anyway, i didn't yell. i'm very proud of myself.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

kyoto treaty

i'm sure most of you have heard that bush has stood by the u.s. rejection of the Kyoto treaty. here is where you can find out a little more for yourself and sign the petition to help save our planet.

i remember learning about earth day and recycling in sixth grade. it changed me forever. it takes so little on our parts to do so much. we just have to behave responsibly.

anyway, decide for yourself.

morning commute

to the insane bitch in the grey volkswagen golf - license plate starts CLK - who tried to kill me on my way to work this morning.

you know who you are.

after cutting me off so that i couldn't go anywhere, when you began to get out of your car and were threatening to, what was it you said, "beat my white ass", i called the cops.

this is just to say that when they pulled you over i hope you were driving without a license and had no insurance.

you sure did make my morning, hope i was able to do the same for you. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

micah hula skirt

Friday, February 18, 2005


while speaking to the director about micah (i've been getting notes home all week regarding her poor listening skills), i brought up the problems i'm having potty training her. she advised i step back and wait for micah to come to me.

director: "sometimes you just have to do the opposite of what you want."
me: nodding in agreement, "true. true."
director: "you know, you have to treat her like you would treat a man."
me: laughing, "oh... (epiphany) you know, i've always treated my man like a child - i don't know why i didn't think to treat my child like a man."


upside to dating a musician - you're introduced to new, good music and not top 40 crap, the guitar gets played almost nightly, live shows when you can find/afford a sitter

downside to dating a musician - there is incessant finger-tapping!!!! no one tells you this when they speak of the oh-so-cool "i want to date a rockstar" dream. if a surface is within reach, a melody will be played on it. desks, tabletops, steering wheels, gear shifts, my body, the baby's head, you name it!!

and - to add insult to injury - my boss is a drummer. so this is part of my life no matter where i am, people!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

gettin on my nerves

how can you suddenly, sporadically forget which toothbrush is yours? i've made sure to get you a white one each time we've replaced them for the last 9 months! why would you decide today to use the purple one?

why is it whenever i check on the baby, everything's fine, but when you do, you wake her? every.time.

it's a queen size bed. seriously, there's room for us both. scoot the hell over.

then, after you roll over pouting and whimpering like a puppy dog, reach one foot back over and lace it between mine.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

perfect mommy

more on this when i have a chance.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

sell out

that's right. i sold out. i now have google ads on both blogs.

sigh... i may as well have fun with it, right?

hmm... what kinds of ads would i like to see?...

[fuzzy slippers] [mustard beats mayonnaise] [pretzels] [red heads blogs]

Monday, February 14, 2005

this just in - a toddler talks her mother to death. that's right folks; the toddler killed her own mother by ceasing to speak

who knew you could be so tired just from listening to someone speak?? i brought in strawberries for the munchkin's valentine's day party. she was so excited that she told everyone we saw. "i bringin staw-bewwies!"

so, on the way home she wanted to eat the few that were left. i said, no, that they were too messy and she could eat them at home.

"mommy, i wan da stawbewwies."
"in a minute, babe, i'm driving."

2 seconds later...

"i wan stawbewwies"

7 seconds later...

"i wan stawbewwies"

you get the point. by the time our 15 minute ride was over, i could barely walk i was so tired and i just wanted to stab a knitting needle in my right ear.

my desk

ordinary boy sent me tulips and a tower of candy!
okay, on the count of 3, everybody now:
1, 2, 3 - awwwwwwww...

ain't he sweet?!

go bye-bye

this morning when i dropped off the baby at daycare, she wouldn't kiss me or hug me goodbye nor would she even wave. i realized i'd forgotten something so i ran out to the car to get it and then came back in her classroom to drop it off.

she was sitting at her table eating french toast and when i leaned over to kiss her, she jabbed her elbow in my chest and said, "go bye-bye".

sniff - this attachment stuff will always get me. if only she were as attached to me!

Friday, February 11, 2005


it's 8:20 on a friday night, i'm 26 years old, and all i can think about is going to sleep.

the holidays are over how long will it be before the money's back?

we finally have enough cash since the holidays to splurge on a night out away from the kid! yeah!! don't get me wrong, i love my daughter more than i could ever put into words, but rated r movies - here i come! i can only watch dora and baby einstein so many times before my brain begins bleeding. and even though santa claus dropped by over 6 weeks ago - that claymation rudolph movie is what she wants to watch 24-7.

enough already. it's adult time.

let's get this started

i began a blog for my daughter back in october '04 and i thought it was damn time i had one of my own, so here it is!