Monday, February 14, 2005

this just in - a toddler talks her mother to death. that's right folks; the toddler killed her own mother by ceasing to speak

who knew you could be so tired just from listening to someone speak?? i brought in strawberries for the munchkin's valentine's day party. she was so excited that she told everyone we saw. "i bringin staw-bewwies!"

so, on the way home she wanted to eat the few that were left. i said, no, that they were too messy and she could eat them at home.

"mommy, i wan da stawbewwies."
"in a minute, babe, i'm driving."

2 seconds later...

"i wan stawbewwies"

7 seconds later...

"i wan stawbewwies"

you get the point. by the time our 15 minute ride was over, i could barely walk i was so tired and i just wanted to stab a knitting needle in my right ear.