Wednesday, March 08, 2006


my daughter loves, loves, loves to sing. right now her 2 favorite songs are "listen to your heart" (the remake) and "tree tops" by eisley. when we're the car she requests both (which i have on cd) and we play them over and over. she usually doesn't keep up and is singing the lyrics just after the actual song, but boy does she belt them! she throws her head back and squints her eyes and everything! that girl is feeling what it's like to "grow wings and fly everywhere"!

so, last night, i'm watching american idol and she's suppose to be in bed but hasn't gotten on her "jamas" yet so she's watching it with me. she stands up on the couch and starts belting out these notes trying to keep up! it was hysterical!!

ps - i have 250 photos that need to be uploaded - hopefully, there's one of the little dance she does as well. if so, i'll post it.