Monday, February 28, 2005

full moon, saturday night

this weekend was rough. micah's in this stage of yelling and hitting me and it's taking all my restraint to treat her better than she's treating me.

saturday, we went to the gates which was cool but she was such a brat the entire time that it really overshadowed it. and sunday we went to ciao baby, our favorite restaurant but by that point she was the same, i was fed up with her and milan was fed up with me. she pooped in her diaper and then fell asleep in the car on the way home from dinner so i had to wake her and change her when we got home. (and besides it was only 6pm - she wasn't going to sleep yet or she'd be up at 4am ready to go.)

she kicked me. and hit me. and yelled at me. and flipped onto her belly with her arms and legs tucked under her so i couldn't flip her over. and screamed at me. and when i did flip her over, she hit me some more. then she yelled at me some more. so i held her chest down and managed to get the diaper off and of course, it's like the biggest poop to ever come out of a child and she's bright red with her little fury and still screaming and hitting and kicking and flinging herself.

and that's when she does it. puts her besocked (is that a word?) foot in the poop and proceeds to get it all over me, the changing table, her, the floor, etc... and so i screamed. no, i mean i screamed. as in, i screamed. the moon, which was so big and full and beautiful this past weekend, actually backed the hell up into space fearing the rath that must be behind my scream. i screamed, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!" and my eyes rolled back and my throat was immediately horse and i actually popped that vein in my forehead.

her screams turned to tears but much quieter and they subsided before i'd even finished getting the new diaper on her.

so, anyway, there was this episode once on er where they dicuss full moon, saturday night and how crazy it is. i don't know if there's any truth to it, but from what i've read in this here blog-o-sphere many a mother was um... "challenged" this weekend by her child.