Monday, October 03, 2005

reason #1 to have a blog

well, i say if you can't embarrass the hell out of your boyfrined over the internet, then why even have a blog?

sunday, we went pumpkin picking. we had a blast. micah had a lot of fun trodding through the pumpkin patch with us looking for the perfect pumpkins. for 20 bucks, you could fill a sack full of pumpkins rather than pay per pound. so, we bought a sack and headed off.

early on, i said to milan, you know, it's really going to suck carrying that sack in a half hour or so; are you sure you'll be alright? to which, he pointed out that we unprepared idiots had no other choice. we were gathering pumpkins for our halloween party where we want to have a carving contest.

we stuffed 6 large pumpkins in that sucker and i carried 3 more small ones. milan was having a lot of trouble though lifting what must have been a 50 - 60 lb. bag. he finally tried to carry it on his back like a cape but immediately yelped out in pain.

i pulled something, he whined. (he's much more manly in his version of the story.) so, i said, just give me the damn thing. we traded and i threw the bag up on my shoulders and walked the 1/2 mile or so back to the cash register. (in his version, i gave him no chioce but to let me do it.)

i've been teasing him nonstop ever since. my little girly-man. what would he do without a butch girlfriend?