Tuesday, August 30, 2005

cry babies

well, we did it.

we spent all weekend moving and I took off yesterday and finished it up all by myself. i'm such a big girl. i got the kitchen organized which is always a top priority for me so that i can feel sane.

it was all going well until i locked myself out of the "new house" in the 90 degree mugginess. milan finally showed up 1/2 hour later (i had to walk down to the bank to call since my cell phone was locked inside and i never did get a hold of him.) and let me into my car. it worked out though because at least i was forced to stay in the old house and pack every last little item.

so this morning, milan is all whiney when he wakes up. i'm sick, blah, blah, blah. felt his head, took his temp - 100 - not too bad. needless to say, he stayed home from work.

at lunchtime i offered to come home and take him to the dr. because he'd been whining at me all morning. "my body's so achey... i'm so hot... i can't even watch tv" blah, blah, whatever.

i felt like i was on that episode of everybody loves raymond (takes places here in long island by the way) where some guy sneezes on ray at the airport and he says, "you know how you feel the day before you get sick, well, i feel like this is the day before that." and his wife rolls his eyes and gives him hell for not helping out.

well, do you know how that episode ends - just like this - turns out milan had a temp of 103 and has an ear infection and strep throat. and the wife says, "fine, get back in bed."

and i'm so heartless that all i can think is, you better not get that baby sick!