Thursday, September 15, 2005

loving our kids is only half the battle

My 3-year-old is officially experiencing stress.

Yes, 3 years old! 3 weeks ago, we moved. Her school remained the same as did our schedule, but still, new house, new bigger bed and suddenly she's scared of the monsters that will come through her window fan if I leave it on.

Last month, her class moved into a new classroom (with the same teachers) and then on Sept. 6th, new kids joined the mix, one of whom is 8 mos. too young, barely speaks, bites, hits and wears diapers. Then, last Friday, the assitanat teacher in her classroom quit. This past weekend, I notice signs of regression in Micah. Super-whiney, pointing and crying rather than telling me what she wants, accidents and just more apt to tears.

Then, Tuesday, her main teacher just leaves. Smack in the middle of the day. Just leaves. The director said, "Her personal life came into the classroom and she just left on the spot." I'm thinking 2 things - 1. how could you leave 15 3-yr-olds who love you dearly?? 2. it better have been a major emergency for you to leave in the middle of the day and not tell us parents why.

Well, last night I found out why - I was speaking with the director regarding my concerns in the classroom (and the fact that Micah's behavior just BOTTOMED OUT Tuesday night) and she, the director, was getting defensive because everyone was blaming her so she blurts out, "She left because she was sleeping with a parent!!!"


This girl (who by the way has the same name as me which is just weird) - had better hope she does not see me in public b/c she will go down!!!

My mother bear self is enraged! Turns out the parents of a little boy in Micah's class are in the process of getting a divorce. The soon-to-be-ex wife of this sleezoid guy found out about the affair and confronted the teacher in the classroom (yeah, cuz that's appropriate) and the teacher was so ashamed from the confrontation that she just left.