Thursday, September 22, 2005

um... not sure where this going...

for whoever's interested - i haven't had a computer (or internet) at home for 3 weeks now! i'm dying! that's why my posts are sporatic and for me, i feel like they're incomplete. bare with me.

anyway, ever have those conversations where people say to you "well, that sure is interesting" with this look in their eyes lke you are absolutely insane?

well, i just did and frankly, i get that a lot. wtf is wrong with me and what i say? luckily, i don't really care whether people think i'm weird, because so what. most people are "weird". i like being a "freak" - i think it just means i'm an individual, that i'm myself.

what i will say though, is that it makes it hard to make friends. and lately at work, that's been bothering me.

i don't think this is headed anywhere so i'll just stop. don't you hate when you read something that doesn't even have a point?