Thursday, August 25, 2005

yeah, time to party!!

we're moving this weekend. we're moving all of 1 mile away to a house owned by my previous landlord (before milan and i moved in together last year) and 2 doors down from milan's ex-girlfriend (who took over my old place). that's a story for another day!

we just moved 11 mos. ago but this landlord we have now is such a bastard (STILL hasn't fixed that leak in the roof. we told him about in jan. and in april he brought piles of roofing shingles and materials by and stored them in our garage promising to do it as soon as it warmed up a bit.) that we feel we just must leave and besides, my old landlord contacted me that this property was coming up for rent so we jumped on it.

work done so far to the new house - by landlord: a new roof , stripped the bathroom ceiling (still working on), replaced the kitchen sink (still working on), replaced the hardware in the tub (still working on), cleared the back yard of its poison ivy

work done - by us: scrubbed the HELL out of it, replaced the light fixture and the cabinets and towel rods in bathroom, painted every single room since they obviously hadn't been painted in the last decade, ripped up the carpet in the baby's room and revarnished the hardwood floor beneath, put together all her furniture and an entertainment center and just for the record we have not been reimbursed for the cost of all this work - and won't be - not one penny.

work still to be done: replace front porch, replace side screen door, fix closets in both bedrooms, replace a lot of the trim (it's missing), replace the board to the attic, tear down decrepit playground so baby doesn't die of mulitple splinter injury, change kitchen outlets to gfci and re-varnish the floor in the computer room.

and people, this is the BETTER of the two houses and ALL of the work I just listed was promised us by the landlord before we signed the contract.