Wednesday, June 15, 2005

of pet peeves and confessions

ordinary boy and i were walking into circuit city this past weekend when he says to me (in a very serious tone) - i have a confession to make. wiggly lines, wiggly lines, wiggly lines - enter my thoughts -

1. we had both just been complaining about people who park at the curb instead of in a spot. this particular person was in a mini-van and had parked right in front of the ramp for wheelchairs and shopping carts in front of trader joe's. (just after i glared at the driver, a tj's associate came out and told him to move.) so i'm thinking, what you parked your environmentally unfriendly but oh so lovely and luxurious big ass suv by a curb or something - so what? my soapboxes aren't THAT big!

2. well, he didn't cheat on me... i mean, you don't tell someone you're cheating while walking into a circuit city on a sunday afternoon...

3. ?????????????????????????

so, finally, i've convinced him to just spit it the fuck out! it's been 5 minutes or so by now. so he says, "this young girl just walked by and she wasn't wearing a bra and you could see her nipples, and her tits were large and they were bouncing about but in a good way and i just stared and stared!"

take the to a catholic priest, young man, because unless she's still standing next to us and i can partake of her beautiful breasts as well, i don't give a shit!

ps - lucky me though that i'm with a guy who thinks this deserves an inner guilt trip and a public confession! and lucky him i'm a sex fiend and not at all jealous of strangers.