Friday, June 10, 2005

my skeleton

so i have bad credit.

gasp! the horror!

no, really, i do though. seriously bad. i can't even get a cell phone on my own, bad. milan wants me to fix it so desperately that he throws it into every.single. conversation.

this morning, he sent me this email at work:

"I was just thinking- you said you wanted to go back to school some day -
well the first step is to get your credit fixed cause you will have to take
out a student loan --- jackass"

and he's been known to say things like, "wow, that's a nice house. you know, you should really fix your credit so you can get a house someday."

or "mmm... bagels. have you fixed your credit yet?"

or "can you give micah a bath? and don't forget to fix your credit!"