Monday, June 13, 2005

5 questions

the questions for eden

1. how were you introduced to paganism/witchcraft? (& excuse my naivete if the way I worded that was in any way offensive)

2. what are your favorite and least favorite genres to read? to write? and why, of course?

3. okay - i have to ask ONE mother question (but it's a 2-parter, i'm such a cheat.) are you the only adopted child and at what age did you begin to notice her bipolar behavior and at what age did you begin to understand "bipolar"?

4. what's baby z's full name and how did you two come up with it?

5. this one i ripped from other people's interviews but i love the question and i think you'll have a creative answer for it. you are a superhero. choose 3 superpowers, a costume and a theme song.