Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentine's day

wow - i just realized i started this blog a year ago. my how the time flies. my wonderful boyfriend sent me tulips and irises for v-day in a cool flat-bottomed vase. i will post a photo later today when the buds have opened a bit.

our first valentine's day together, in 2004, we went out to dinner at a nice, local restaurant. we had delicious lobster and wine. however, the restaurant had packed everyone in like sardines and as you scooted between your table and the one beside it to get to your seat, you had to be careful your ass didn't knock over their water glass. of course, with such close proximity you could hear the conversations of at least 3 other couples and then to add insult to injury, they sat a group of 6 behind us. this group got plastered and was so loud that as we were leaving, the manager was asking them to leave. apparently, almost every table had complained about them.

we vowed that was our last v-day dinner so today we are going out for sushi for lunch! i can't wait! a glass of plum wine and a dragon roll - yum!

Added: Umm... I guess maybe I'm not going on hiatus... go figure.