Wednesday, February 22, 2006

20 Things

I decided to participate in 20 Things over at Mama Says Om. I really enjoy that site and I went and read a lot of the blogs that had linked their 20 Things. I found it not only interesting, but inspiring as well. So, here are mine:

1. My hair is naturally auburn but has been dyed black, blonde, red, purple, blue, pink and green.
2. I once had tongue, labret and nipple piercings but now, since the birth of my daughter (when I had to take out the final piercing - nipple) I don't have any.
3. I have one tattoo and have been aching for years to expand it.
4. The only other person in my family with auburn hair is my daughter.
5. I grew up being told I was "different" as though it were an insult. It wasn't until I lived in Madrid in 2001 that I began to realize how special it makes me and what a wonderful thing it is.
6. I don't have many (any?) friends - probably because I'm so damned "different".
7. I think one of the most important lessons I can teach my child is empathy.
8. My first job was teaching gymnastics.
9. When I was 19 and 20, I held 3 jobs and worked from 7am - 11pm (sometimes as late as 2am) 6 days a week.
10. During that same time frame, I put myself into $5000 worth of credit debt that I'm still paying off.
11. I don't find single-parenthood challenging. For me, the challenging relationship is the one with my boyfriend.
12. I regret the middle name I chose for my daughter and the fact that I spelled it incorrectly on her birth certificate.
13. I yell a lot. a lot. too much.
14. I want to go back to school but am afraid. Not of the school part, but that I will be away from my daughter that much more every day.
15. I wish I could forgive my parents, especially my father.
16. I can't attend wakes - they skeeve me out.
17. I was grounded for 6 months because my SAT scores were not as high as was expected.
18. I am an avid participant in my activities - such as reading, writing, tv - you have to call my name loudly and repeatedly or even tap my shoulder to get my attention.
19. I absolutely love the fact that my daughter is the spitting image of me.
20. I hate my last name and can't wait to change it but plan on keeping it in my name and my daughter's as a symbol of all we have accomplished together.