Monday, March 07, 2005

"ding-dong, the witch is gone."

she is gone.

my mother and i have never, absolutely never gotten along. i parent very differently than she and my father did. and my daughter is very much like me. (just a little easier than i was - but i often ask myself - could part of it be that i understand her and don't judge her and parent differently?...)

so, i found myself getting very defensive of micah. my mother yelled at her sunday afternoon. (granted, micah hadn't napped and was in full brat mode, but give me a break. she's not your kid - you see her for 3 days or so every 6 months - you shouldn't be THAT frustrated with her.) micah actually yelled at her first. you see, my mother doesn't listen to anyone and compound that with the fact that 2.5 year-olds are hard to understand and they both got frustrated. micah screamed, "no, gammy, i wan NAM-KIN!! my hands is STICKY!!" (poor kid had already said it 3 times politely) and my mother screamed, "DON'T yell at grammy!"

when micah returned with the napkin, i asked her what happened. "i yell at gammy, mommy." and i asked her what she should do. so, she went and said to my mother, "i sorry i yell at you gammy, an i sorry i hurt yo feelins." and my mother didn't even apologize back!

see, differences in parenting. in her parenting world - the adult is always right. it's okay that the adult yelled because the child "provoked" it. but in no way was it appropriate for the child to yell because the child yelled at an ADULT!

aargh!!! so.angry. well, i was last night until milan looked over at the smoke coming out of my ears and gave me a "i'm-so-sorry-i-never-fully-believed-the-devil-that-is-your-mother" look and i felt much better that someone felt my pain.

ps - okay maybe the wicked witch link is a little harsh, but this woman puts me through hell in my own house!