Saturday, March 05, 2005

fish tacos and threatening to kill boyfriends

my mother arrived thursday evening. (which the same day i decided to "read up" on my cousin's condidtion.) the airport is only a couple of miles from work, so it was very convenient. ordinary boy's job was to switch our cars (we work together so how easy is that) so that he'd have the carseat and then go get the baby. i was to pick up my mother and then run to the store to grab some last minute ingredients to make "flicken fish tacos".

he was supposed to leave at 5pm and i was supposed to leave at 5:40pm. at 5:45pm, when i went out to the parking lot, i see my car waiting for me instead of his! well... let the games begin.

he had driven all the way to daycare in his car WITHOUT A CARSEAT before realizing his mistake and so was 25 minutes away. so, i had to go pick up my mother at the airport and then drive to daycare to get the baby all within 35 minutes. i was furious. (wow, looking at that word "furious" doesn't even begin to describe the let-down and stress i was feeling.)

so, he had to go to the laundry mat and the grocery store for me.

on my way home from daycare, i called him and he still hadn't gone to the grocery store, so i did. when i got home, i double-checked the recipe and realized i'd forgotten 2 essential ingredients so i sent o.b. out to get them. i added a couple of other things - like beer which by that point had become essential. his list included 4 things. he called 3 times because he couldn't remember anything. (hmm... maybe we should've written down as i suggested?)

the last phone call was whether to get lemons or limes. "the recipe calls for limes," i said. "to help you remember, we also need them for the corona so get 3."

well... he came home with lemons.
i sent him back out.
he comes back with limes but says that while i'm cooking dinner, entertaining my mother and taking care of the baby, he wants to run back out to see if his prescription is ready. fine. whatever.

he comes back and while i'm still cooking dinner, entertaining my mother and taking care of the baby decides to immediately get on the internet.
"hey, ordinary boy, want to help me with dinner??"
he says, "in a minute, i want to check something on ebay."
and as my friend put it - "them's fightin' words!"

at the end of the day - the fish tacos were INCREDIBLE!!!!! thanks chicken flicken!!